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Woodwind Resources

This is a guide to locating information and materials related to woodwind instruments in the Music Library.

General Books on the Flute

De Lorenzo, Leonardo. My Complete Story of the Flute: The Instrument, the Performer, the Music.
ML 935 .D36

Maclagan, Susan J. A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist.
ML 102 .F58 M33 2009

Toff, Nancy. The Flute Book: A Complete Guide for Students and Performers.
ML 935 .T65 2012

Flute Repertoire Guides

Boenke, Heidi M. Flute Music by Women Composers: An Annotated Catalog.
Reference: ML 128 .F7 B64 1988

Haug, Hermann. Bibliography and Discography on Music for Solo Wind Instruments and Orchestra.
Reference: ML 128 .W5 H381 2004 v.1

Munster, Peter van. Repertoire Catalogue: Piccolo, Alto Flute, Bass Flute.
Reference: ML 128 .F7 M8611 2004

Pellerite, James J. A Handbook of Literature for the Flute: Compilation of Graded Method Materials, Solos, and Ensemble Music for Flutes.
Reference: ML 128 .F7 P45 1978

Pierreuse, Bernard. Flute littérature: catalogue general des oeuvres éditées et inédites par formations instrumentals = General Catalog of Published and Unpublished Works by Instrumental Category.
Reference: ML 128 .F7 P54 1982

Vester, Frans. Flute Music of the 18th Century: An Annotated Bibliography.
Reference: ML 128 .F7 V46 1985

Vester, Frans. Flute Repertoire Catalogue: 10,000 Titles.
Reference: ML 128 .F7 V48 1967

Flute Instruction & Study

Debost, Michel. The Simple Flute: From A to Z.
MT 340 .D4313 2002

Dick, Robert. The Other Flute: A Performance Manual of Contemporary Techniques.
MT 340 .D55

Floyd, Angeleita Stevens. The Gilbert Legacy: Methods, Exercises and Techniques for the Flutist.
MT 342 .F64 1990

Hotteterre, Jacques-Martin. Rudiments of the Flute, Recorder & Oboe (Principes de la flûte traversière).
MT 342 .H833 1968

Howell, Thomas. The Avant-Garde Flute: A Handbook for Composers and Flutists.
ML 935 .H86

Krell, John C. Kincaidiana: A Flute Player's Notebook.
MT 340 .K92

Pellerite, James J. A Modern Guide to Fingerings for the Flute.
MT 345 .P39 1972

Quantz, Johann Joachim. On Playing the Flute (Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversiere zu spielen).
MT 340 .Q183 1985b

Taffanel, Claude, and Philippe Gaubert. Méthode complète de flûte.
MT 342 .T12 1958

Tromlitz, Johann George. The Keyed Flute (Über die Flöten mit mehrern Klappen).
MT 348 .T863 1996

Tromlitz, Johann George. The Virtuoso Flute Player (Ausführlicher und gründlicher Unterricht die Flöte zu spielen).
MT 342 .T853 1991

Wye Trevor. A Trevor Wye Practice Book for the Flute.
MT 345 .W97

Wye, Trevor. Proper Flute Playing: A Companion to the Practice Books.
MT 345 .W972 1988

Online bibliography: Bibliography of Flute Method Books, compiled by Ardal Powell.

Flute Players

Blakeman, Edward. Taffanel: Genius of the Flute.
ML 419 .T12 B53 2005

Dorgeuille, Claude. The French Flute School, 1860-1950.
ML 937 .D6713 1986

McCutchan, Ann. Marcel Moyse: Voice of the Flute.
ML 419 .M82 M33 1994

Rampal, Jean-Pierre, and Deborah Wise. Music, My Love: An Autobiography.
ML 419 .R33 A3 1989

Toff, Nancy. Monarch of the Flute: The Life of Georges Barrère.
ML 419 .B185 T641 2005

Flute History & Construction

Bate, Philip. The Flute: A Study of its History, Development and Construction.
ML 935 .B33 1979

Böhm, Theobald. The Flute and Flute-Playing in Acoustical, Technical, and Artistic Aspects.
ML 936 .B673 1922a

Brown, Rachel. The Early Flute: A Practical Guide.
ML 937 .B761 2002

Montagu, Jeremy, et al. "Flute." In The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
Reference: ML 100 .N53 2001
also available electronically: "Flute" in Oxford Music Online

Meylan, Raymond. The Flute.
ML 935 .M623 1988

Phelan, J. James. The Complete Guide to the Flute and Piccolo.
ML 936 .P41 2000

Powell, Ardal. The Flute.
ML 935 .P691 2002

Solum, John. The Early Flute.
ML 935 .S661 1992

Toff, Nancy. The Development of the Modern Flute.
ML 935 .T64