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Woodwind Resources

This is a guide to locating information and materials related to woodwind instruments in the Music Library.

Repertoire Guides & Other General Works

Beebe, Jon P. Music for Unaccompanied Solo Bassoon: An Annotated Bibliography.
Reference: ML 128 .B26 B43 1990

Bulling, Burchard. Fagott Bibliographie.
Reference: ML 128 .B26 B84 1989

Fletcher, Kristine Klopfenstein. The Paris Conservatoire and the Contest Solos for Bassoon.
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Haug, Hermann. Bibliography and Discography on Music for Solo Wind Instruments and Orchestra.

Reference: ML 128 .W5 H381 2004 v.2

Koenigsbeck, Bodo. Bassoon Bibliography.
Reference: ML 128 .B26 K64 1994

Lipori, Daniel G. A Researcher's Guide to the Bassoon.
Reference: ML 128 .B26 L561 2002

Bassoon Instruction & Study

Cooper, Lewis Hugh. Essentials of Bassoon Technique (German System) Based on the Performance Principles of Lewis Hugh Cooper.
MT 400 .C78

Ely, Mark C., and Amy E. Van Deuren. Wind Talk for Woodwinds: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Teaching Woodwind Instruments.
MT 339.5 .E49 2009

McKay, James. The Bassoon Reed Manual: Lou Skinner's Theories and Techniques.
ML 951 .M351 2000

Popkin, Mark, and Loren Glickman. Bassoon Reed Making.
ML 951 .P66 2007

Spencer, William. The Art of Bassoon Playing.
MT 400 .S75 1958

Waterhouse, William. Bassoon.
MT 400 .W38 2003

Bassoon History & Construction

Baines, Anthony. Woodwind Instruments and Their History.
ML 930 .B16 1963

Jansen, Will. The Bassoon: Its History, Construction, Makers, Players and Music.
ML 950 .J35 v.1-12

Joppig, Gunther. The Oboe and the Bassoon.
ML 931 .J833 1988

Kopp, James B. The Bassoon.
ML 950 .K66 2012

Langwill, Lyndesay G. The Bassoon and Contrabassoon.
ML 950 .L29

Waterhouse, William. "Bassoon." In The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
Reference: ML 100 .N53 2001
also available electronically: "Bassoon" in Oxford Music Online