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Funding for Students

Find scholarships, fellowships, and research grants to fund your U-M education (undergradate and graduate students).

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Check out some of the most popular books from the College and Career Collection. Find them on the 1st floor of the Shapiro Library, past the reference desk.

Funding Search Tips

Funding Search Tips

  • Get organized. Try making a list or spreadsheet of all funding sources you are applying for, with due dates, requirements, contact information, and notes. 
  • Start early. Funding application deadlines may be annual, rolling, or variable. Give yourself enough time to gather the application materials, supporting documents, and recommendation letters that may be required for submission.
  • Be creative. Explore your options for funding from areas you wouldn’t normally think of. Take time for self-reflection, and consider your unique interests, talents, life experiences, and affiliations. Who might be interested in supporting those aspirations and experiences?
  • Follow instructions.  Make sure that you have all of the requested documents, all parts of the application are complete and within page/word limits, and that you submit by the date and time deadline.
  • Keep copies. Keep copies of all the materials you submit. Not only does this serve as a record of what you’ve done in case anything gets lost, but you will likely use the same basic documents for each of your applications.
  • Reach out for help. Talk to your professor, advisor, school/department administrators, colleagues, and Ask a Librarian. Sometimes departments do not publicize their scholarships and grants, so it is always worth asking. 

Adapted from the U-M International Center Funding Tip Sheet for Undergraduates [PDF] and Graduate Students [PDF]