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Funding for Students

Find scholarships, fellowships, and research grants to fund your U-M education (undergradate and graduate students).

Funding Databases for U-M Affiliates

lockThese resources are available to U-M students, faculty, and staff  through the U-M Library's paid subscription.

Fellowships / Internships

Open Access Scholarship and Funding Research Tools

unlocked lockThese resources are free and open to anyone with Internet access.

Scholarships for Underrepresented Demographic Groups

Because of long-term, historical barriers for students from marginalized groups, many organizations offer targeted funding to improve access to education. The sites listed below can help to identify some of these resources, but be sure to include general resources in your search as well.


Create a fundraising campaign to fund your research, travels, or education. Collect small donations through a crowdfunding platform.

Extend your funding search - Connect to millions of resources

Consider the following as you search. Your:

Attributes: race/ethnicity, gender, ability status, and other characteristics

Affiliations: place of employment (or of parents), religion, home town, military service, memberships, union affiliations, etc.

Aspirations: career or academic goals

Many scholarships are directed to individuals that fit very specific criteria. For example, some workplaces, unions and professional organizations provide scholarships to their employees/members or children of employees/members; there are scholarship programs for students who belong to a designated religious or ethnic group; and there are scholarships for students who come from certain geographic locations. Think about the characteristics that reflect you.