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Law and Social Policy

Research guide for American Culture 310, History 329, and Residential College Social Science 316 taught by Prof. Leila Kawar Fall 2020.

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Searching Nexis Uni for US cases

Use the Nexis Uni Guided Search

Filter the results on the left-hand side of the screen


Finding NLRB Decisions

Search Nexis Uni for Canadian Cases

From the Nexis Uni homepage click on the "All Nexis Uni" dropdown and narrow by Content Collection and Canadian Cases

Shepard's for Finding Subsequent Cases

The Shepard's Citations Service or "Shepardizing" allows you to find additional cases that cite a particular case.

To Run a Shepard's Search type shep:[case citation]  into the search box

Or if you're already looking at a case click on the Shepardize this document link in the lower right corner


Shepard's displays symbols to convey whether the case in question is good or bad law