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Islamic Manuscript Studies

Resources for the study of manuscripts produced in the Islamic world and the manuscript cultures they represent.

Vlad Atanasiu's Resources for the Study of Manuscripts in Arabic Characters



Filigranes pour tous







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Wax : for digital exhibits

HathiTrust Data Availability and APIs

HathiTrust bibliographic metadata, page images, and OCR generated text (where available) can be retrieved via available HathiTrust APIs 

No longer available 

  • HathiTrust Data API "The HathiTrust Data API can be used to retrieve content (page images, OCR, and in some cases whole volume packages), as well as metadata for HathiTrust volumes."
  • HTRC Data API "The HTRC Data API pulls full text OCR and METS metadata for specified volumes into the HTRC Data Capsules."

Images and descriptive metadata for the digitized manuscripts of the Islamic Manuscripts Collection at the University of Michigan can be retrieved using the HathiTrust Data API. Bibliographic records can be retrieved using the HathiTrust Bibliographic API or OAI feed.

OPenn: Technical Read Me

Guidance on accessing images and metadata from the OPenn site, including the Manuscripts of the Muslim World collection. Use wget or rsync to bulk download files (for example all images and metadata files for a single manuscript).