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Finding and Using Electronic Books (Ebooks)

Information about ebook readers and collections available to University of Michigan faculty, staff, and students.

What can I access as full-text in HathiTrust Digital Library under Emergency Temporary Access (ETAS)?

Items in HathiTrust that are from books scanned from our library are available for check-out in HathiTrust. Items may also be available if the source is a different library AND we have our own print holding—click through to check for availability.

Online access to each book is provided to as many simultaneous users from U-M as there are print copies that have been acquired by the U-M Library. If the library has acquired one print copy, then one U-M user can use the book at a time; if two copies have been acquired, then it can be used by two U-M users at a time; etc.


Only current U-M students, faculty and staff can use ETAS. Emeriti faculty have access, but retirees do not. There is no guest access.


If you see in the catalog holdings for HathiTrust Digital Library that are marked as "Full text available (HathiTrust log in required)”, then it is eligible.

To access, first click on the Full Text link for the volume to enter HathiTrust.

Steps for Accessing the Full-Text Once You Are in the HathiTrust Digital Library

1. Log In


Click on the LOG IN button in the upper right corner, choose University of Michigan, then continue and authenticate with your U-M login & password.




2. Check Out the Book


Once you've logged in, you will now see a banner that says: "Access to this work is provided through the Emergency Temporary Access Service" with a 'Check Out' button. Click that button to check out the book. The book then loads in your browser. You cannot download a full PDF of the book. If the book displays as “All Copies in Use,” please check back in an hour.


3. Return the Book


The book is checked out for one hour, but will auto renew every hour while the book is still in use, unless another person has attempted to access the book. Or you can click on the 'Return Early' button to return the book before the current hour is up.



Patrons who experience problems should report the problems directly to HathiTrust support, using the ‘Feedback’ link in the HathiTrust header. 


End-user documentation and FAQ is available from HathiTrust at Full documentation about ETAS from HathiTrust is at