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Paul Grochowski | Consultation

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Leena Lalwani | Consultation
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Article and Journal Metrics

Different tools that can help measure the impact of both the articles that you publish and the journals in which you publish your articles are available to you through both library subscriptions and on the open web. 

It is important to remember that each of these tools look at different data sources.

Ranking Journals

Analysis of journals is a way traditional peer review may be augmented to gain a more complete picture of a scholar's impact in his chosen field. Three measures can be used:

  • number of publications

  • number of times an author's publications have been cited

  • the importance of the journal where the article is published, or the Journal Ranking.

Publishing traditions vary between disciplines. Because of this, it is important to compare journals within the same or similar disciplines as much as possible. This will not always be easy as more research becomes interdisciplinary but in order for these journal ranking systems to have meaning the factors measured must compare journals in similar disciplines or subject areas. 

Ranking Articles

Citation analysis is the study of the impact and assumed quality of an article, an author, or an institution based on the number of times works and/or authors have been cited by others. 

Use citation analysis to

  • Find out how much impact a particular article has had by showing which authors based some work upon it or cited it as an example within their own papers. 
  • Find out more about a field or topic; i.e. by reading the papers that cite a seminal work in that area. 
  • Determine how much impact a particular author has had by looking at the number of times his/her work has been cited by others. 

Quick Links

  • Scopus
    Provides author H-index, article citation counts and alerts, journal rankings (CiteScore, SJR, and SNIP)
  • Web of Science
    Provides author H-index, article citation counts and alerts, journal rankings (Journal Impact Factor and Eigenfactor Scores
  • Google Scholar @ UM
    Provides limited author H-Index; article citation data based on peer-reviewed literature and grey literature; compatible with Publish or Perish software for in-depth citation reports
  • Journal Citation Reports
    Provides Journal Impact Factors and publication statistics
    Provides a persistent, cross-platform author identifier to unify your research identity and outputs across the web