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Canvas Best Practices

A guide for U-M librarians

Image Naming in Canvas

Canvas allows you to add images to pages inside modules. Before uploading, name the images appropriately. In the example below, you can see four images inside the "UROP Engineering Images" folder. Each of the images has a UROP_imagename.jpg naming scheme. ie: UROP_duderstadt.jpg is a picture of the Duderstadt Center on North Campus.


If this module were ever to be shared with a faculty member for their course, or uploaded into Canvas Commons for use by the wider Canvas community, this naming scheme will ensure your images remain grouped together, because their parent folder ("UROP Engineering Images") will not transfer over.

Image Uploading


Gathering all the images needed for a Canvas module in advance and batch uploading (all images at one time) can save time. Gather all your images, name them appropriately using the file naming structure above, and click on Files in the Navigation Bar.


Use +Folder to create a new folder, and name it something appropriate, like "Lit Searching Images" that is related to the module you're building. Now use theUpload button to select all the relevant images from your computer.


Now every time you need to add an image to a page, they'll be uploaded already and available in the "Files" tab on the right-hand side of the page.


Images can be uploaded individually on each page. Before doing this, create a folder for your images using the instructions above in "Uploading in Advance".

Once you have a new, empty folder with an appropriate name to put images in, begin editing a Canvas page. Use the Images tab on the right-hand side of the Canvas edit page to open the Image upload options. Click on + Upload a new image.


Use the Browse button to navigate to the image stored on your computer, and select it. Used the dropdown option below Folder to select the new, empty image folder you made. This will ensure the image lives inside the proper folder, if this Canvas module ever gets moved.


To improve accessibility of your images for your readers, describe what the image looks like in the Alternative text box. This is what screen readers use for sight-impared readers. If the image is purely decorative, then click the Decorative image checkbox.

NOTE: for additional accessibility guidelines within Canvas, see the Digital Accessibility Team's LibGuide here.


Finally, click the Upload button to finish the process and have the image appear on the page. It will live in the image folder you assigned it.