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Canvas Best Practices

A guide for U-M librarians

Resolution and Pixels

If using images in your Canvas module, keep their quality and resolution in mind. A low-quality image will be pixilated (blurry) and not look crisp.

A high-quality image will be clear and sharp, as evidenced by this happy panda below:

Tips & Tricks for High Quality Images

Google Images 

If searching for images in Google Images, click on the Tools option next to Settings after running your search. A small bar with Size, Color, Usage Rights, Type and Time will pop up.

Select the Size option, and choose Large. This will only display the largest images, and will also show the resolution of the image during mouse hover.

Hovering over the images with your mouse will reveal the resolution of the image, a width x height in pixels. The larger the numbers are, the more crisp the image is.