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Genome, Genomics, and Personal Genomics

Genome, Genomics, and Personal Genomics

Terminology Resources

Department of Energy (DOE): Genomic Science Program: Genome Glossary

Discovering the Genome: Genomics Glossary

EMBL-EBI: Glossary

GeneReviews®: Illustrated Glossary

Genome News Network: GNN's Genome Glossary

Glossary of Genomic Terms

National Cancer Institute (NCI): NCI Dictionary of Genetics Terms

National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI): Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms

National Society of Genetic Counselors: Glossary

UM: Learning Health Systems: Key Terms and Concepts

Wellcome Genome Campus: Your Genome: Glossary

Standards & Guidelines Resources


Genomic Standards Consortium : All Projects

National Cancer Institute (NCI): Genomic Data Commons: Data Standards

Standards in Genomic Sciences (journal) 



‚ÄčMIxS (MIxS Checklists