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Funding Support for Current Issues

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Private sector funders will want to expend resources, for the most part, on interventions that will mitigate the immediate, on-the-ground problems facing Flint families and businesses. This might include –as examples - losses facing businesses, early childhood educational or health interventions, services for other people affected (young adults, older adults, certain neighborhoods, etc.). 

Private sector funders (corporate and foundation) will not be drawn to infrastructure projects (eg, water service pipes, long term issues in civil engineering, public school challenges) as they will perceive these kinds of issues to be more suitable to public funding.  

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Agencies may well step up to the challenge through Rapid processes at both NIH and NSF. Federal funding in general will allow for broader questions, deeper questions about the science or the engineering.  

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Foundations will be most drawn to work that is undertaken with community stakeholders.  This engagement of community will need to take place before the funding – or the proposal – is put in place.  Foundations in general have a great focus on under-served populations, a deep interest in solving social justice problems and are supportive of work at the level of intervention, e.g. health, nutrition, wellness, in addition to a great focus in work related to equity, social justice, and policy.

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Internal sources of funding (MICH R or UMOR or Provost) will want to serve as seed funds for work that will aim at other sources later in the work.  It will be best used to build those community networks, launch, pilot, test, etc., for work that you expect will be fundable by Federal or private sources at the next stage.




For Further Assistance

For further assistance and information, contact University of Michigan Foundation Relations.

You may also check the FAQ at the Foundation Relations website for additional information.

Other Information Resources

Engaging in the Flint Lead and Water Crisis

This site has been created to assist faculty and staff from across the University of Michigan’s three campuses who might wish to engage as researchers or practitioners in the Flint community as it works its way through the lead crisis that began in 2014 and continues to unfold.  

People from across the university have contributed insight on internal University funds, Federal “Rapid” alternatives, and private sector funding (such as foundations and corporations).