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Funding Support for Current Issues


On this page are foundations with specific foci as identified below. You can find general information here and more details in the documents linked at the bottom of the page. For further assistance, contact Foundation Relations.

Foundation Focus: Education & Training

About the Foundation What You Should Know Recent Grants
 General Kellogg interests include Race and Equity with program focus on, among others:
  • Early childhood – interventions in early education, child development,  early literacy; child well- being and early toxic stress, maternal infant support, care giver capacity building


  • The foundation prefers community-based approaches to problem solving. Work in communities should involve community partners and empower residents. 
  • Be explicit regarding the populations you are serving. Put the key demographic in the title of your grant, e.g. “Latino Youth,” “Flint families,” “Flint’s poorest residents in its northern neighborhoods.” 

University of Chicago - Improve literacy achievement of children, 0-8, by aligning pre-K to Grade 3 assessments; providing professional development to teachers, principals and families and creating a national engagement strategy $1,200,000 (2015) 

University of Michigan, School of Social Work - Enable data sharing and analysis about child outcomes across state agencies in Michigan, by creating an integrated data system focused on child welfare, juvenile justice and education $235,073 (2015)