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Sport Concussion Summit

The University of Michigan Injury Center Sport Concussion Summit is a day-long event on September 24, 2015.

Morning Sessions

"Lloyd Carr Luncheon 2013" by University of Michigan School of Dentistry -  Lloyd Carr on Concussion 

  Bailey, Laura. Former U-M coach Lloyd Carr to discuss head injury prevention . University Record. March 28, 2011. 

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Kevin GuskiewiczABOUT

Kevin M. Guskiewicz, PhD, ATC. UNC, EXSS. 

Kevin Guskiewicz, Senior Associate Dean for Natural Sciences. UNC.

Wikipedia: Kevin Guskiewicz.


Brady, Erik. 'Genius' concussion researcher tries to make football safer. USA Today 11/22/2011. 

Game Changer: Kevin Guskiewicz, Impact Investigator. TIME Magazine. 

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"Manager fitting a player" by Jeffrey Kintz, FlickrABOUT

Stefan Duma, Ph.D.; Harry C. Wyatt Professor and Head VT-WFU School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences

Stefan M. Duma, Google Scholar


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Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings 


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Jeffrey Kutcher MD  ABOUT

Jeffrey Kutcher, MD – Sports Injuries and Concussions

Neurology: Jeffrey Kutcher MD


Testimony of: Jeffrey Kutcher, MD; University of Michigan, Department of Neurology Director, Michigan NeuroSport Chair, Section on Sports Neurology American Academy of Neurology Before the United States House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Field Hearing: “Legal Issues Relating to Football Head Injuries, Part II” January 4th, 2010; Detroit, MI 


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Henderson, Stephen.  Concussions and Consequences: How is sports medicine addressing the issues of concussions? [audio] WDET Sept. 1, 2015

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Twitter: @JeffreyKutcher 

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Michael McCrea (by Dan Bishop)  ABOUT

Michael McCrea, PhD, ABPP-CN; Professor of Neurosurgery and Neurology; Director of Brain Injury Research

Brainline: Michael McCrea, PhD 

Michael McCrea, PhD, ABPP


Michael A. McCrea. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Postconcussion Syndrome: The New Evidence Base for Diagnosis and Treatment (AACN Workshop Series). 


Kirchen, Rich. Medical College's McCrea wins another round, $500,000 in NFL/GE Head Health Challenge. Milwaukee Business Journal Jul. 23, 2015. 

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McDonough, Victoria Tilney; King, Brian. PTSD and mTBI: Teasing Out the Differences for Treatment [video]. BrainlineMIlitary. 

McDonough, Victoria Tilney; King, Brian. Single Versus Cumulative Concussion [video]. BrainlineMIlitary.

McDonough, Victoria Tilney; King, Brian. Should You Let Your Child Play Contact Sports? BrainlineKids.

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Christopher Randolph  ABOUT 

Christopher Randolph, PhD


HealthDay. Validity of Baseline Concussion Tests Questioned; 'False-negative' results could endanger injured players, researcher says. US News & World Report: Health June 11, 2011. 

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