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Medical Education

Provides resources, strategies, and information related to Medical Education and Learning Health Systems.

Resources from the AAMC and MedEd Portal

Alternative Learning Experiences from AAMC

The Clinical Teaching and Learning Experiences without Physical Patient Contact collection from the Association of American Medial Colleges' iCollaborative was created from submissions by diverse educators following the pandemic.

MedEdPortal Virtual Learning Resources Collection

The Virtual Learning Resources during COVID-19 collection in MedEdPortal: the Journal of Teaching and Learning Resources features peer-reviewed resources that can be used for distance learning. Resources are free to download and adapt to local settings.


Resources to Supplement Learning

Specialized Visual Resources

Multimedia Content

Selected Canvas Modules from the Library

To view the following Canvas modules, access Canvas Commons with your level 1 University of Michigan credentials.

EBM - Acquire Evidence

Research Data Management

Contact the Medical Education Core Team if you need assistance importing a module into your Canvas course.

Remote Consultations with Informationists

Faculty and staff contact the THL Medical Education Core Team.

Medical students contact your House Informationist: