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Korean Online Resources

Selected online resources on Korean Studies.

North Korea & Unification

38 North (U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS)

Chosun Exchange

Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK)

Daily NK

DPRK Digital Atlas

DPRK Special (In Frank Hoffmann's Korean Studies Page)

East Asian Integration Studies

Escape from North Korea : Photo essay

Korean Institute for National Unification

Korean Reunification Question (1945- ) (Wilson Center Digital Archive)

National Committee on North Korea

New Focus International

NK Link

NK Net

NK News

North Korea : Country Studies

North Korea: Witness to Transformation (Peterson Institute for International Economics)

North Korea International Documentation Project

North Korea Economy Watch

North Korea Freedom Coalition

North Korea Google Earth

North Korea Leadership Watch

North Korea Tech

North Korean Nuclear History (Wilson Center Digital Archive)

North Korean Public Diplomacy (Wilson Center Digital Archive)

North Korean Serials Databases (NKSIP), Library of Congress

North Korean Website List

North Korean YouTube List

One Free Korea

PSCORE Humah Rights



Voice of Korea

Wilson Center Digital Archive

고려대학교 아세아문제연구소 Asia Center


남북경협국민운동본부 The Civil Headquarters for Activating the South-North Economic Cooperation in Korea

남북나눔 Sharing

남북회담 Nam-Puk Hoedam

노동신문 Nodong Sinmun

데일리 NK Daily NK

디지털 북한인명사전 Digital Pukhan Inmyong Sajon

민족 21 Minjog 21

민족화해협력범국민협의회 Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation

북한대학원대학교 University of North Korean Studies

북한연구소 Institute of North Korean Studies

북한자료센터 Information Center on North Korea

북한학 전자도서관 KPjournal

비무장지대 DMZ

세종연구소 Sejong Yonguso

연세대학교 통일연구소 Yonsei University's Institute for Korean Unification Studies

이북5도청 Committee of the Five Provinces of North Korea

이산가족 종합정보센타 Integrated Information Center for Separated Families

이화여자대학교 통일연구원 Ehwa Institute of Unification Studies

인터넷통일학교 Internet Unification School

자유북한방송 Free North Korea Radio

조선신보 Choson Sinbo


조선중앙통신 Korean Central News of DPRK

탈북난민보호운동본부 Commission to Help North Korea Refugees

통일교육원 Education Center for Unification

통일부 Ministry of Unification

통일에듀넷 Education Network for Unification

통일연구 KINU  Korea Institute for National Unification

통일학연구소 Center for Korean Affairs

평화네트워크 PeaceNetwork

평화문제연구소 The institute for peace affairs

한양대학교 아태지역연구센터 Asia-Pacific Research Center

현대경제연구원 Hyundai Research Institute