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Korean Online Resources

Selected online resources on Korean Studies.

Government Gateway to Korea

Korean Legal Research at the University of Washington 한국법학연구지침


감사원 The Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea

고용노동부 Ministry of Employment and Labor

교육과학기술부 Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

국가인권위원회 National Human Rights Commission of Korea

국가지식포털 Korea Knowledge Portal

국무총리실 Office of the Prime Minister

국방부 Ministry of National Defense

국토해양 The Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs

국회예산 정책처 The National Assembly Budget Office

대법원 Supreme Court of Korea

대한민국 국회 The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea

대한민국 정책포털 공감코리아

문화재청 Cultural Properties Administration

문화체육관광부 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

민원24 Government for Citizen

방송통신위원회 Korea Communications Commission

법무부  Ministry of Justice

보건복지부 Ministry for Health and Welfare

여성가족부 Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

외교통상부 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

중앙선거관리위원회 National Election Commission

지식경제 Ministry of Knowledge Economy

와대 Chong Wa Dae; Office of the President

통일부 Ministry of Unification

한국사회과학자료원 KOSSDA:Korean Social Science Data Archive

헌법재판소 Constitutional Court of Korea

환경부 Ministry of Environment Republic of Korea