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COMM 102 Media Processes and Effects

Suggested resources for Comm 102 course on media processes and effects.

Handy tips and tricks to help you search more effectively!

SEARCH TIPS for Mirlyn, library databases, and the web (applicable to many search engines, including Google, but not all)

  • PHRASE SEARCHING Put phrases in quotation marks:  "hurricane katrina"
  • TRUNCATION Use an asterisk for truncation (any ending of a term):  communicat* will find communication, communicates, communicating, communicator, etc.
  • MANY KEYWORDS may describe the same concept (movies, film, cinema, motion pictures)
  • BOOLEAN OR To search for ANY  of a group of terms, use OR and parentheses:  (movies OR film OR cinema)
  • BOOLEAN AND To search for ALL terms, use AND:  violence AND movies
  • Combine the above strategies:  violence AND (movies OR film OR cinema OR "motion pictures")
  • SEARCHING IS ITERATIVE (do it over and over):  to be effective and thorough, go back and try your search *multiple times* with many different keywords