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Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, & Complex Systems

Provides resources for students, clinicians, researchers, & administrators on patient safety, quality improvement, & complex healthcare systems.

Quality & Safety Measures

New Tools

Infographic od Diagnostic Safety process

Measure Dx: A Resource To Identify, Analyze, and Learn From Diagnostic Safety Events.

It includes 4 sections that outline a series of steps to begin and sustain measurement of diagnostic safety.

  • Part I outlines ways to engage people in the organization to ensure adequate resources to implement measurement and learning activities.
  • Part II contains a self-assessment checklist to gauge readiness for implementation, as well as guidance for choosing a measurement strategy that fits with your organization's resources.
  • Part III describes four different strategies (systematic approaches to measurement) based on different types of data sources.
  • Part IV provides recommendations for systematically reviewing and analyzing case data and translating findings into useful insights for learning and improvement.