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Information on using this free citation management tool to help you save and organize citations and automatically create formatted bibliographies.

Configure Zotero to Access Full Text with MGet It

When you select an item from your library, you can click the green arrow next to the search box to find full text of that item online. You can configure Zotero to use MGet It to find full text, which allows you to seamlessly connect to full-text library resources.

To configure Zotero to use MGet It:

1. Open Zotero  Preferences.

2. Click the Advanced tab.

3. In the Resolver field under OpenURL, enter the following URL:

4. Under Version, select 1.0.

Now Zotero is optimized for use with library resources at the University of Michigan.


Configure Zotero for Off-Campus Proxy Access

The library makes a proxy server available for off-campus access to licensed resources that use IP-based authentication. Accessing these resources through the library website will send you through the proxy automatically, but using the proxy is more difficult when accessing resources directly through a publisher's website or Google Scholar.

Zotero will store the proxy server's URL and send you through the proxy automatically when you access publisher websites, databases, and other library-licensed resources. This behavior is enabled by default; the first time you access a resource using the proxy Zotero will detect it and will prompt you to store the proxy server's URL. Subsequent visits to the same resource will be routed through the proxy automatically.

For more information on proxy servers, see Proxies Preferences