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Library Research Guides

Mendeley Basics

A guide to the basic uses of the Mendeley citation manager.

Your Library

On the web, your account opens to your Dashboard (find out what your contacts are saying or what they're adding to their libraries),My Library, Papers (search the Mendeley Research catalog), Groups (find new public groups to follow or join), & People (create your research network).
Your library on Mendeley Web now looks similar to your desktop library.  From, selecting the library tab opens a new window.
  • On the left, are the folders that organize your library & your public & private groups.
  • In the center are your citations, your whole library or a specific folder or group that you've selected.
  • The icons above your library allow you to add or delete documents, folders, & groups.

 Mendeley Web Library

Viewing PDFs

PDFs from your library now open in a new window.  Download the PDF using the link at the top right. 

You can't add notes or highlight PDFs in your library on the web.

Mendeley Web Library - PDF viewer

Finding Articles

Find papers quickly by searching the Mendeley Research Catalog (enter search terms in the search box), or browse papers by discipline from the list on the right.  Save papers to your library with a single click (Save reference/PDF to library).

Using Groups

See groups that you are a member of, browse other groups by discipline, or create a new group.

What You Can Do with Mendeley Web

In Mendeley on the web, you can:

  • add, edit, & organize your references
  • read PDFs or other files
  • search for articles in Mendeley's online research catalog
  • discover articles that are trending in your subject area
  • search for or create public groups in your areas of interest
  • create a public profile to promote your work & contact other researchers around the world

What can't you do?  Work with Word documents to insert citations & format citations & bibliographies.