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Mendeley Basics

A guide to the basic uses of the Mendeley citation manager.

Create a Collection

Use Collections to organize your library.

  1. Click the New Collection icon.
  2. Type the name of the new collection in the box.
  3. To add items to the collection just select, drag, & drop them into the folder.

Add sub-collections by right-clicking under the main collection.

Creating Groups

Groups in Mendeley allow users to share information with others.  Groups are private, invitation only spaces for collaborative work. You can share references & PDFs with up to 25 people.


Create a group

Click New Group link in Mendeley to create a new private group (left) or go directly to your account at (right). Note that you will have to go to your Mendeley account to complete the process.

New Group link in Mendeley Reference ManagerCreate a new group on the web.


Add members to the group by clicking on the Invite Members icon. For invitations, make sure to use the email that new members used to create their accounts. You can begin to add documents to the group either from your own account or from the group account. Note:  references in groups are not in your All References library, they are separate.

Mendeley Groups page