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Library Research Guides

Mendeley Basics

A guide to the basic uses of the Mendeley citation manager.

Creating Groups

Groups in Mendeley allow users to share information with others.  There are 2 types of groups.

  • Private Groups allow you to share documents & comments only with people you invite.  This is a great tool to facilitate collaboration on projects or within classes.
  • Public Groups allow you to share a list of documents that can be viewed or added to by members of the group.  Citations in a public group are automatically added to your library when you join; associated PDFs are not, but you can download.
  • You can search Mendeley on the Web for public groups on the Groups tab.

Create a group

  • Use the Edit dropdown menu to create a new group or simply right-click to bring up a menu under Group.
  • Enter a name, description (if you wish), & choose to make the group private, invite only, or public.

  • If the group is private or invite only, send invitations.
  • Begin adding references.
  • The 3 tabs are Overview, Documents (all docuemnts that are part of this group), & Members.

Create a Folder

Organizing your library with folders is simple.

1. Click the Create Folder icon .

2. Type the name of the new folder in the box.
3. To add items to the folder just select, drag, & drop them into the folder.

Learn more about organizing your library with folders in this Mendeley Minute: