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Library Research Guides

Mendeley Basics

A guide to the basic uses of the Mendeley citation manager.

1. Mendeley Desktop

The Mendeley Desktop library is divided into 3 sections, with dropdown menus & icons along the top.  Note the Sync button ; click this icon to synchronize your Desktop & Web libraries.

Learn more about Mendeley's library by viewing this Mendeley Minute:

2. Left Column

  • You can see the organization of your library, including All Documents (everything in your library) & any folders & groups that you've created.
  • Below that you can filter your references (by author, author keyword, your tags, or publication title).
  • View this Mendeley minute to see how this works.

3. Center Column

  • Format your library either as a table (Fig. 1) or as citations (Fig. 2). Use the View menu to make your selection.
  • Mark references as Favorites (star) or as Read/Not Read (click the green dot).
  • An icon will appear if there is a document attached (PDF, Word document, JPEG).

4. Right Column

  • On the Details tab, see each part of each record & add tags & documents.  Add your own notes on the Notes tab.
  • The Type box at the top of the Details tab indicates the type of reference (Journal Article, Book, Web Page, etc.) for each item.
  • Tags: your own search terms; Keywords are imported from the citation record in the online database.
  • Catalog ID:  look up & import articles or add information for an incomplete a record. Just add the ID number & click the magnifying glass to pull in information.
  • Files: where PDFs & other document types are added & stored.