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Reaxys: Beilstein/Gmelin/Patent Chemistry

Resources and how-to guide to use Reaxys efficiently

Substance Search Tutorials

The link below leads you to the official tutorials on Reaxys site. There are five types of tutorials.

  • Product Introduction and Getting Started tutorials overviews the database and basics of using the database.
  • Substance Searching tutorials offer helps with drawing structure, tips on sub-structure search, notes on various structure editors and application of search limits.
  • Substance Data Searching tutorials provides instructions on search for specific types of data for organic and inorganic compounds and application of filters to refine results.
  • Reaction Searching tutorials introduce basic reaction search, synthesis route building, sub-structure search, and limiting reaction conditions etc.
  • Citation Searching tutorials now only has a tutorial for author search.

Tips for Using the Default Structure Editor

Since Reaxys is a structure-centered database, knowing the structure editor better is helpful. Elsevier has provided a number of webinar recordings to assist Reaxys users in developing expertise with the Marvin JS editor. (Note: viewing these recordings requires you to register with

More Support and Tutorial from Reaxys

You can access more support & training materials within Please use the buttons above to log into Reaxys, then click on "Help" in the navigation bar. 

For example, you can find Structure editor informaiton under Help/Structure/Reaction Editors/External Structure Editors