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Web of Science (WOS) Core Collection

Describes how to access and to search the Web of Science (WOS) database.

Searching Tips

  • Search the master journal list to discover if a particular journal is covered by the WOS indexing.
  • You can search for retractions. Search for retract* in the Basic Search, and select a "Document Type" of "correction, addendum".
  • You can use WOS for identifying research collaborators. View a short tutorial on the steps (provided by Clarivate).
  • You can explore recent funding support with a "funding agency" search. Note that name variations exist within citations, so search for all forms of an agency or organization name. Analyze your search results (e.g. by publication source title) to learn about research supported by that agency or organization. You can also search by grant number to identify specific citations supported by that grant.

Additional Help

Some other resources for help include: