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Web of Science (WOS) Core Collection

Describes how to access and to search the Web of Science (WOS) database.

Cited References Search

Cited Reference Searching lets you search for earlier articles which a specific article has cited. Use cited reference searching to see how an author builds on previously published work, or discover the impact of a particular author on a field.

Choose Cited Reference Search.

Enter the first Author's Name, last name followed by first initial, or first and middle initials. 

Enter the abbreviated title of the Cited Work. (WOS uses a separate set of journal title abbreviations for cited reference searching. Be sure to use those designated abbreviations. For best results, follow the link to journal abbreviation list.)

If you wish, limit by index and/or by year.

Click Search.

Web of Science cited author search results

You will see a list of cited author names, each followed by a specific cited work. Check the boxes to the left of all the works you wish to search, and click See Results. You may find it helpful to sort your results list by the highest times cited.

Tip: Use * to search for variants of cited authors' names; be sure to look for variants in your results because sometimes works are cited incorrectly and so show up as duplicate records on your results list.