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Finding Spectral Data

A guide to locating IR, NMR, mass spec, and other spectral data.


All print titles can be located by searching for their call numbers in our Library Catalog Search. Titles include actual spectra unless noted otherwise.

Raman Spectra

Handbook of infrared and Raman spectra of inorganic compounds and organic salts. QC 457 .N9271 1997. 4 vols.
Alphabetical indexes only, includes some spectral interpretations and tables of characteristic frequencies.

Raman/infrared atlas of organic compounds. QD 272 .S6 S38 1989. 2nd ed.
Arranged by compound type. Indexed by compound name, molecular formula, and substituents.

Sadtler Raman Spectra. QC 454 .R36 S13. 11 looseleaf vols. Cumulative index.

Tip - See also call number areas QD 96 .R34 or QC 454 .R36. Also, search in Mirlyn by subject: raman spectroscopy