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Finding Spectral Data

A guide to locating IR, NMR, mass spec, and other spectral data.


All print titles can be located by searching for their call numbers in our Library Catalog Search. Titles include actual spectra unless noted otherwise.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectra

Aldrich library of 13C and 1H FT NMR spectra. QC 462.85 .A441 1993. 2 vols.
Try this first to locate an NMR spectrum. Contains over 8800 spectra of selected compounds available from Aldrich, arranged by compound type. Indexes by molecular formula, chemical name, CAS Registry and Aldrich Catalog numbers at back of vol.2. Previous editions under title Aldrich library of NMR spectra QD 96 .N8 P87.

CRC Handbook of phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance data. QC 462 .P1 H361 1991.
Arranged by type of phosphorous compound, no compound indexes. Use the tables of contents to locate the chapter dealing with the type of compound you need P31 data for.

Handbook of proton-NMR spectra and data. QC762 .H331 1985. 5 vols.
Each volume has separate indexes by chemical name, formula, substructure, and chemical shift.

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra (Sadtler Standard Proton NMR Spectra). QD 96 .N8 S13. Vols. 1 - .
Over 100 green looseleaf binders of proton NMR spectra. One of the Sadtler Standard Spectra sets. See Sadtler Indexes section (handout pp. 3-4) for use of indexes.

Sadtler standard carbon-13 NMR spectra. QC 462 .C4 S78. Vols. 1-85.
Green looseleaf binders of carbon-13 nmr spectra. One of the Sadtler Standard Spectra sets. Indexes for this set are shelved after vol. 85; also covered by Sadtler Indexes (see Sadtler Indexes section, handout pp. 3-4 for info.)

Tip - Additional items specifically on NMR spectroscopy may be found at call numbers beginning with QD 96 .N8 or QC 762. Also try searching Mirlyn by subject: nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy