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Use for researching Congress or finding Congressional documents like bills. laws, legislation, serial set, debate, Congressional Record, CRS reports, primary source documents, hearings, prints, reports and policy.

Tracking Bills in Congress

Text of Bills and Amendments

Committee Votes

Roll Call Votes

Bill Status

CQ Roll Call Legislative Service

Finding Bill Sponsors

Bill Sponsor information can be found in the Bill Profile Reports found in ProQuest Congressional

Click on "Bills & Laws" under Document Types on the left.  Then you can enter the bill name and year.  You can also restrict the search by status if, for example, you only want to search bills that became law.  (Restricting the search to bills that became laws will not be helpful in some cases, such as when the bill number that passes is a large omnibus bill)


Then that will give you the Bill Profile Report

‚ÄčIn the Bill Profile you'll see the tab in the center called "Sponsors"