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Mongolian Studies


While some important and representative dictionaries are highlighted below, there are a great many more in our library holdings, including some specialized dictionaries, for instance. The following links lead to library catalog search results containing multiple dictionaries.

Various Mongolian dictionaries
Buriat dictionaries
Kalmyk dictionaries
Oirat dictionaries

Tuvinian (Tuvan) dictionaries
English-Mongolian dictionaries (Mongol-Angli tol')
Chinese-Mongolian dictionaries (Many of these are in fact polyglot dictionaries, including languages like Manchu, Japanese, and/or Tibetan)
Russian-Mongolian dictionaries

Print Bibliographies

Bibliographies constitute comprehensive records of the sources or scholarship produced in a certain place and/or period of time. As such, they can be invaluable resources for researchers.

As with the dictionaries, we link to a few individual bibliographies farther down, but those are a mere sampling of the number and variety of bibliographies available. The links immediately below capture the genre's broader scope.


"National Bibliographies"
Like Mongolia itself, the heavily Mongol republics in Russia do not currently produce a national bibliography. However, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's International and Area Studies Library has produced useful lists of existing resources and strategies for getting at the content that such bibliographies would contain:

National Bibliography of Buriatiia
National Bibliography of Kalmykiia
National Bibliography of Tyva (Tuva)


In the U-M Library
Many additional bibliographies can be found using U-M's Library Search (catalog) with the proper search techniques. The following links lead to lists of catalog results. The bibliographies therein span languages and are diverse in thematic scope.

Specifically Russian-language
bibliographies on Mongolia/Mongols


Sample Bibliographies
The following examples are meant to introduce the sometimes surprising variety of bibliographies available.

Digital Tools

Mongolian font

Download traditional Mongolian unicode fonts and applications for your various Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS, and Android devices.Download traditional Mongolian unicode fonts and applications for your various Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS, and Android devices.

Bolor Toli Dictionary (English, Mongolian Cyrilic, Traditional Script)


Tuvan-English Talking Dictionary

Online dictionary featuring 8309 entries, 2980 audio files, and 180 images.

Mongol/蒙汉词典 - Classical Mongolian to Mandarin Dictionary