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HathiTrust Digital Library

Provides overview and tips on using the HathiTrust Digital Library.

What is a Collection?

Users affiliated with a HathiTrust partner library can build lists of books and journals of interest to them. A collection is a list of records you organize around a topic, theme, author, original format, etc., and that can be shared. Public collections are those that are shared with users of HathiTrust Digital Library. [See a list of featured public collections.] There is no limit on the number of personal collections you can create.

To create a collection, log in, select records of interest, then look for the "Choose Collection" (New Collection) option. Click "Add" and give your collection a title, a short description, and choose to keep it private or make it public. Save the changes. 

Image of the HathiTrust Collection creation pop-up box.

HathiTrust pop-up box for creating a collection of catalog records.

You can return to your lists of records by clicking on the "My Collections" link at the top of any HathiTrust Digital Library page.