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Finding Archives and Manuscripts
by Barbara Alvarez, Sigrid Cordell, Evyn Kropf, Alexa Pearce - Last Updated Jun 16, 2014
This guide provides an overview of strategies for locating primary sources, including archival and manuscript material.
Francophone Canada
by Barbara Alvarez, Alexa Pearce - Last Updated Sep 25, 2014
UM research collections and other resources in the study of Francophone Canadian history and literature/Les collections de recherche d'UM, et autres ressources pour l'étude de l'histoire et de la littérature canadienne Francophone
Tags: canada, francophone, french, french_language_and_literatures, french_studies, quebec
French 465/660 Le Procès: Littérature et art devant la loi au XIXe siècle (Michèle Hannoosh)
by Barbara Alvarez - Last Updated May 29, 2014
Provides resources, strategies, and information to support students' research for the final paper in French 465/660.
French Language and Literature
by Barbara Alvarez - Last Updated Nov 5, 2014
Provides selected sources and useful research-related sites in the field of French language and literature.
Tags: best_bet, french_language_and_literatures, humanities, romance_languages_and_literatures
General and Comparative Literature
by Barbara Alvarez - Last Updated Nov 19, 2014
Resources for research in comparative literature, reception studies, translation studies, literary theory, and affiliated discourses.
Tags: best_bet, comp lit, general_and_comparative_literature, humanities, translation_studies
Italian Language, Literature and Culture
by Barbara Alvarez - Last Updated May 29, 2014
Recommended resources for research in Italian language, literature and culture.
Tags: best_bet, european_studies, humanities, international_studies, italian_language_and_literatures, italian_studies, romance_languages_and_literatures
Lusophone Africa
by Barbara Alvarez - Last Updated Sep 16, 2014
Tags: africa, best bet, literature, portuguese
Spanish 488: Dictadura y Memoria en el Cono Sur
by Barbara Alvarez - Last Updated May 29, 2014
Provides resources and strategies to conduct research about dictatorial regimes and post-dictatorship struggles over memory in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.
Spanish Civil War Materials in the Labadie Collection
by Barbara Alvarez, Julie Herrada - Last Updated Apr 7, 2014
Lists various primary sources (by format) which can be found in the Joseph A. Labadie Collection.
Tags: european_studies, history, social_sciences
Spanish Language and Literature
by Barbara Alvarez - Last Updated Oct 13, 2014
Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in literature and language of the Spanish-speaking countries.
Tags: humanities, latin_american_literature, romance_languages_and_literatures, spanish_language_and_literatures
Translation Studies
by Barbara Alvarez - Last Updated Oct 16, 2014
Resources for finding translations, conducting research in translation studies, and locating online tools for translators.
Tags: translation_studies, translations


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