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Islamic Manuscripts Collection : Digitized manuscripts

A guide to navigating the Islamic Manuscripts Collection held at the University of Michigan Library.

Have all the manuscripts been digitized?


The vast majority of manuscripts from the collection (but not all) have been fully digitized. At this stage, 1029 volumes are available for viewing and full download (in their entirety) via the HathiTrust Digital Library. Log in should not be required to view or download the manuscripts. See instructions below for downloading as pdf. Images may also be retrieved via the HathiTrust DataAPI.

Digitization for additional manuscripts may be considered in the future. Some manuscripts are currently not being digitized due to condition issues. 

How do I find digitized manuscripts?

If you would like to browse all of the digitized manuscripts by title, main author or date, go to:

If you would like to browse a selection of digitized manuscripts by language, sub-collection or subject, go to:

  • Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan comment site ( and click on one of the options under "Categories" or "Tag Cloud."

If you would like to search for digitized manuscripts, you have several options:

  • for simple keyword search of the full description (including shelfmark, e.g. "isl. ms. 570"), go to:
    • Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan comment site ( and enter your search terms in the search box at the top of the page.
    • Mirlyn Classic library catalogue (, click on "Advanced Search," check the box "Hathi Trust Digital Library only," and enter your search terms in any of the search boxes with "Word(s) anywhere" selected.
    • HathiTrust Digital Library catalogue advanced search (, select "Manuscript" under "Original Format:" and enter your search terms in any of the search boxes with "All fields" selected.
  • for more refined search of the description and headings (like subjects, titles, names of authors, former owners, copyists, calligraphers, etc.), go to:
    • Mirlyn Classic library catalogue (, again click on "Advanced Search" and enter your  search terms in the search boxes with "Subject word(s)," "Title word(s)," and / or "Author word(s)" selected. Use "Author word(s)" to search any names, not just authors' names.
    • HathiTrust Digital Library catalogue advanced search (, select "Manuscript" under "Original Format:" and enter your search terms in any of the search boxes with "Subject," "Title," and / or "Author" selected. Again, use "Author" to search any names (not just authors).

See Finding manuscripts of interest for more details on locating manuscripts (digitized or not), including sample searches.

How do I view a digitized manuscript?

After browsing or searching, look for the link to the HathiTrust viewer:

In Mirlyn

  • Look for the "Available online" link (results list) or "Full text" link (item page).

In Mirlyn Classic

  • Look for the "HathiTrust Digital Library (Full text)" link in the results list page or item page.

In HathiTrust

  • Look for the "Full view" link.

On the Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan site 

  • Click on either of the images that appear at the end of each description.

How do I download a manuscript?

Each digitized manuscript is available for full download from the HathiTrust Digital Library.

When viewing the manuscript images in the HathiTrust interface, look for the links under "Get this Book" in the navigation bar on the left.

Click on the "Download whole book (PDF)" link to download the entire digitized manuscript.

How do I cite a digitized manuscript?

We request that you include a proper citation with any quote, reproduction or other publication from a manuscript from the collection. Please follow this model when citing a manuscript, using the appropriate shelfmark / call number and page or folio number:

for example

p.47, Isl. Ms. 860 v.1, Special Collections Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

You will find the shelfmark / call number for the digitized manuscript in the "Shelfmark:" note of the HathiTrust catalogue record.

From the HathiTrust viewer interface, follow the url to the catalogue record:

Then look for the "Shelfmark:" note:

You may also cite the catalogue record describing the manuscript by including the url for the catalogue record as it appears in your browser's navigation bar:

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