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Library Research Guides

Study Abroad Top 10 Countries

Just as you need to pack your bags, it’s important to gather and “pack” information to better prepare for your trip abroad. This will guide will point you to U-M Library and Web resources that will help you prepare for your trip abroad.

Finding Articles

ArticlesPlus is a mega database that searches across many different databases.  If you are not sure what discipline best represents a topic, ArticlesPlus is a good place to start. 

Mirlyn: Finding Books and Other Stuff

The Mirlyn catalog enables you to search and browse the University of Michigan Library’s collection of books, journals, audio/video materials, electronic resources and more.

Examples of search strategies:

Historical Topics

“india AND history” in the “Subject” search box


Popular Music

“india” in the “Subject” search box and “popular music” in the “All Fields” search box



Select "Dictionaries" under format - see below.

Search with the desired languages in the "All Fields" search box.

  • hindi english
  • turkish english etc.

Language Learning Resources

Language Learning Software and Packages