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Study Abroad Top 10 Countries

Useful U-M Library resources that will help you prepare for your trip abroad.

Travel Guides

As you prepare for your trip abroad, it's important to gather information about the logistics involved: visa requirements, travel information, safety tips, weather, and the local culture & etiquette. This website is a great place to start with up to date, user-generated information: Wikitravel

Below you'll find additional travel guides provided by the library (many in electronic form). 

News Sources

Websites of Major Newspapers from France

  • Le Monde - respected national daily, considered to be France's newspaper of record
  • Liberation - national daily, founded in 1973 by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, centre-left leaning
  • Le Figaro - national daily, centre-right leaning
  • Ouest France - Rennes-based; France's best-selling daily
  • L'Express - news weekly
  • Le Point - news weekly

Library Databases to Search for Specific News Articles

Full text of over 600 U.S. newspapers and over 260 English language newspapers from other countries worldwide.

Access to issues from the last 60 days of over 300 newspapers from around the world. The newspapers include the same content and are in the same format as the print edition of the newspaper. [Access limited to 3 users at a time.]

Additional Library Resources