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Funding Sources for School of Public Health Graduate Students

Funding guide for graduate students in the public health field.

Use the Strategies Below to Find Funding

Finding funding requires a non-linear, multi-pronged approach. Below are core strategies for helping you identify funding opportunities at U-M and beyond.

Take Advantage of Resources at U-M

Be sure to look at University units and centers that may have resources for you--and be sure to look at their deadlines.

Search Funding Databases and Set up Alerts

Databases such as COS Pivot aggregate thousands of opportunities from the government, non-profit, and private sector.

Identify External Organizations, Associations, etc... focusing on your area of interest

What makes your interest unique? Track down organizations that focus on this topic and look on their web sites for possibilities.

Network with Faculty Members and Others

Use the faculty expertise tools provided on this page to learn how faculty in your area of interest have been funded It may give you ideas about organizations to contact, and/or you may want to contact the faculty member for additional ideas. 






Writing Resources

As you begin your search process, brush up on proposal writing and ways to keep organized.