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State and Local Government Information

Help on seeking government information at the state, county and city level.

Subject Guide

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Catherine Morse
Government Information, Law and Political Science Librarian

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Book of the States for Information on State Governments

Background Information on State and Local Governments

Tips for Searching Library Catalog for State and Local Info

Subject headings for local government follow the form "Local Government -- State" e.g.:

More useful subject headings:


UM Map Library
Maps and atlases at the state, county and city level.

Historical, Census and other U.S. maps, organized by state.

Directory of State, County and City Websites

Local government information is often more difficult to find than federal level information. This guide aims to assist users in finding and using government information at the state, county and city level.

The state, county and city level government websites are good places to find some information, particularly current news.

State and Local Government on the Net

  • Over 11,000 links to state, county and selected city government websites.
  • Browsable by state and topic.