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The Library Research Process, Step-by-Step

A general guide to help get you started in the research process for your paper or project. You can use this site as a starting place or for help if you can't find sources for your paper.

Contact Information

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Angie Oehrli
2178 Shapiro Library

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University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1185

734 936-2376


Are you about to start a research paper or presentation? Feeling confused about where to start? Or perhaps you have already begun your paper, but have hit a wall when you couldn't find any sources related to your topic. That's O.K.! This guide is meant to help you at any or all of the steps in the research process. Each tab is devoted to a different step in the process: brainstorming, searching, coming up with a thesis, and choosing sources.

Library Tutorials

The library has many helpful video and online tutorials that can help you with all kinds of research activities. Visit this page to see the tutorials by category.