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Finding Elementary and Intermediate Piano Music

This is a guide to locating elementary and intermediate piano music in the Music Library.

Music Library Contact

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Jason Imbesi
3239 Moore Building
School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2085


Finding elementary and intermediate piano music in the Music Library can be a challenge, since it is not grouped in a single location. Some of the easy piano music is located in the M 1300s, while other works are in the MTs. There are also many easier works shelved with the standard piano music in the M 20s.

Call Numbers for Browsing

The following are the primary call number areas outside the regular piano music (M 20-32) where elementary and intermediate piano music may be found:

M 1378 piano music for children [collections]
M 1380 piano music for children [separate pieces]
MT 243 teaching pieces
MT 245 instructive editions [multiple composers]
MT 247 instructive editions (includes etudes) [one composer]
MT 745 - MT 758 piano instruction for children (includes methods)

Subject Headings

The following are subject headings that will retrieve some of the easy piano music in the Library Catalog Search. Note that these subject headings will not retrieve complete results, since much of the easier piano music in the library is not indicated as such.