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Qualitative Research

Help with qualitative research methods and finding qualitative data such as text.

Equipment and Spaces for Audio-Visual Data Collection

All of these spaces are available to qualitative researchers conducting interviews etc.

Shapiro Design Lab

The Shapiro Design Lab is an ever-evolving experimental space in the Library focused on creating engaged learning opportunities and experiences across research, artistic, and teaching projects.

Media Production Rooms

The Shapiro Design Lab Media Rooms offer high-quality media production and post-production software and equipment. The Winberg Media Production Room is designed for audio production, while the Perlstein Editing Room is designed for media post-production as well as game design, 3D and graphic design, and animation.

Duderstadt Center

The Digital Media Commons at the Duderstadt Center offers a variety of different spaces, equipment, and software for multimedia production. This includes audio studios and a video studio.

College and Departmental IT

Check with your school, college, and/or departmental IT, as many individual units on campus offer equipment and support. For example: LSA Technology Services equipment loans, School of Information Computing.

Audio Transcription

Refer to the Audio Transcription Resources listed on the Podcasting and Audio Storytelling research guide.

Conferences, Workshops, and Training

Qualitative Data Repository (QDR) compiles an ongoing list of events, training opportunities, and conferences on qualitative research, data collection, and data management.

U-M Qualitative Methods Courses

Check the course catalog or reach out to your departmental advisor to learn more about current offerings. Examples of relevant courses include:

  • POLSCI 694: Qualitative Research Methods
  • PSYCH 692/WGS 692: Qualitative Methods
  • SOC 522: Practicum in Qualitative Research Methods
  • EDUC 792: Methods in Educational Research Qualitative