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Essentials of Library Research

Helps you define your topic, find books and articles, evaluate the information you find, and cite your sources.

Why Use Library Databases

Recommended Databases

Need articles for your library research project, but not sure where to start? We recommend these top ten article databases for kicking off your research. If you can't find what you need searching in one of these top ten databases, browse the list of all library databases by subject (academic discipline) or title.

Finding Databases

The U-M Library subscribes to hundreds of databases which gives you access to thousands of journals and articles. The following video explains how you can find the appropriate database for your research needs


In addition to finding datases, the Journal search allows you to search for journals available at U-M. If you know the title of the journal you can enter it into the search box. If you are not looking for a specific journal you can browse by discipline. If U-M doesn’t own the journal you are looking for, we can obtain copies of articles for you via interlibrary loan.

Screen shot of "women's studies" search in Library Online Journals Search.


Finding & Accessing Articles Using Library Search

The U-M Library Articles Search is a gateway to discovering a wide range of library resources. Please watch the video below on how to effectively and efficiently use Library Search.