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Microbiome and Microbiomics

In support of the Host Microbiome Initiative at the University of Michigan, as well as providing basic information for the public.

Software Collections

Other sources to discover software tools used in microbiomics. 


mothur is an open source software package for the support of microbiome researchers data analysis needs, created by Patrick Schloss of the University of Michigan. "mothur is currently the most cited bioinformatics tool for analyzing 16S rRNA gene sequences. "


METAREP is an software tool and dashboard used by many researchers for analysing genetic and genomic data. "JCVI Metagenomics Reports (METAREP) is an open source tool for high-performance comparative metagenomics. It helps scientists to view, query, browse and compare metagenomics annotation profiles from short reads or assemblies."


More Microbiome Software

Methods, Protocols, Standards

National and international research standards, methodologies, and official protocols which impact on the professional practice of microbiomic research. 

Microbiome Data Links

Databases which include data from microbiome research projects.