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Popular Culture

Provides resources for popular culture research at the University of Michigan.

What's Pop and What's Not?

Marilyn Monroe, by Andy Warhol 1964

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Research on popular culture can be challenging because of the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. This guide defines popular culture as mass-produced materials that are representative of aspects of mainstream culture, including movies, music, television shows, literature, comic books and video games.

Popular Culture Subject Specialists

U-M Library subject specialists are available to help you with everything from researching a citation to finding an obscure article. The following librarians can provide in-depth assistance with research questions in the listed area pertaining to popular culture. 


American Culture:  Alexa Pearce –
Art & Design:  Jamie Vander Broek -
Art History:   Deirdre Spencer -
Comic Books & Graphic Novels:   Dave Carter –
Communication and Media StudiesShevon Desai -
Computer & Video Games:  Dave Carter –
Film & Video Studies:
  Philip Hallman –
GLBTQ Studies:
  Meredith Kahn -
Multicultural Studies:
  Charles Ransom –
Music & Theatre:
  Kristen Castellana –  and  Jason Imbesi -
  Hailey Mooney -
Visual Resources:
  Rebecca Price –