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Resources for Using & Editing Wikipedia

Resources about using and editing Wikipedia.

Fun Extras

Because of their bustling activity, Wikipedians have inspired numerous projects meant to quantify, track, and make transparent the work that is happening on the site. 


Listen and view live Wikipedia edits as they generate a soundscape and visualization of Wikipedia activity: Hatnote


Follow Twitter accounts that track anonymous edits by IP addresses:

  • @congress-edits tweets anonymous Wikipedia edits that are made from IP addresses in the US Congress
  • @valleyedits tweetsanonymous Wikipedia edits from Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and Wikimedia Foundation IP addresses

Wikiprojects and Groups

WikiProjects are user-created groups of editors who want to collaboratively improve Wikipedia based on their interests, affinities, or geographic locations. Membership is generally inclusive and informal, and editors are invited to join any and all WikiProjects that may be of interest. 

Community Portal 

Start here if you're looking for collaborations, tasks, and news related to the English Wikipedia.

WikiProject: Michigan

Detroit Taskforce

WikiProject: Women in Red

WikiProject: Women Scientists

WikiProject: Women Artists

WikiProject: Women.Wikipedia.Design

WikiProject: Ethnic Groups/List of Ethnic Americans

WikiProject: African Diaspora

WikiProject: Asian Americans

WikiProject: United States/Hispanic and Latino Americans task force

WikiProject: Indigenous Peoples of North America

WikiProject: LGBT Studies

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