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Resources for Using & Editing Wikipedia

Resources about using and editing Wikipedia


Here you'll find six video tutorials that walk you through the basics of editing on Wikipedia. 

The videos will show you how to:

  • practice editing in a Sandbox environment
  • stylize text
  • cite sources
  • create section headers
  • add images
  • and communicate via talk pages 

When you're ready, create an account on Wikipedia so that you can practice while you watch the videos. Then, check out the Additional Editing Resources to learn more about editing, article development, and the Wikipedia Community. Here is a set of slides to get you started


Additional Editing Resources

What makes a good Wikipedia article

  • Featured Article Criteria on Wikipedia
    • Well-written
    • Comprehensive
    • Well-researched
      • verifiable against high-quality reliable sources
      • supported by inline citations where appropriate
    • Neutral
    • Stable
    • A concise lead section
    • Appropriate structure
    • Consistent citations
    • Appropriate images with acceptable copyright status
    • Appropriate length
  • See list of featured articles for examples

1. Editing: Your Sandbox (1:24)

2. Editing: Bold and Italic Text (0:57)

3. Editing: Citing Sources - Part 1 (2:00)

4. Editing: Citing Sources - Part 2 (2:25)

5. Editing: Adding Images (3:37)

6. Editing: Talk Pages (2:43)