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Finding and Exploring Your Topic

Helps you determine a reasonable topic for your paper.


Discover cover imageDiscover is a monthly magazine that covers health and medicine, mind and brain, technology, space, human origins, living world, environment, and physics and math.



Environment cover imageEnvironment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development is a bimonthly magazine discussing problems of development and the environment from an international perspective.



 NatureNature is a weekly international journal covering all scientific disciplines.





New Scientist cover image

New Scientist is a weekly magazine covering space, technology, environment, health, life, physics and math, and science in society.




Science is a weekly magazine that contains news and articles on a wide variety of science-related topics, including the life sciences, physical sciences, economics, education, and other topics.



Scientific AmericanScientific American is a monthly magazine that covers a wide variety of science-related topics, including Energy & Sustainability, Evolution, Health, Mind & Brain, Space, and Technology.



Subject-Specific Brainstorming

If you have a particular academic field or discipline in mind while brainstorming your topic, you might want to check out some of the current news for that field.  Associations, organizations, and publications can be a good place to look for that information. 

See below for links to association and organization websites and current periodicals for a variety of fields.  In addition, the magazines and journals on this page (as well as a number of others) can all be found on the Shapiro Undergraduate Library Periodical Shelves.

Arts & Humanities

American Heritage cover imageAmerican Heritage is a quarterly magazine that focuses on U.S. history.






ARTnews cover imageARTnews is a monthly magazine that covers art, issues, trends, and events in the international art world.





Dance cover image Dance is a monthly magazine that provides news and information about the world of dance.





History TodayHistory Today is a monthly magazine that contains essays on all periods, regions, and themes of history.





Smithsonian cover imageSmithsonian is a monthly magazine that covers history, archeology, arts, culture, science, nature, and travel.




Social Sciences

National Geographic cover imageNational Geographic is a monthly magazine that covers geography, culture, history, science, and photography.





Psychology Today cover imagePsychology Today is a bimonthly magazine that covers a wide variety of psychology-related topics, including human behavior and mental health.




Sports Illustrated cover image

Sports Illustrated  is a weekly magazine that covers sports and sports-related topics.