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Finding Map Resources

How to find maps, atlases and other spatial resources in the catalog and Mirlyn Classic.

How to Search by Geographic Location

Using either a keyword or subject keyword search, type the most specific geographic area for your location and the word "maps". Depending on your search results you may want to continue to search using more general geographic areas, depending on the theme or scale that fits your query.

Finding a map of Pontiac, Michigan. (See Formatting Place Names.)

"Keyword" Search Terms  
Pontiac Michigan maps
start specific
Oakland Michigan maps
Detroit Metropolitan maps
Michigan maps
gradually broaden

Note: Publisher locations are included as keywords. This means if you search for "Chicago maps", your results will also return maps of other locations published in Chicago.

If you enter 'France' and 'atlas' as keywords, you will retrieve atlases that are published in France. To find atlases about France, start with the most specific location or thematic facet possible. This will not eliminate atlases published in France, but it will reduce the number of extraneous hits. For example:

k=atlas Paris culture k=atlas France rural

Consider using the appropriate Library of Congress Subject Headings for more specific topics, as they show the relationships between broader and narrower terms (try this online database of LCSH headings). For example:

Subject begins with "atlases" will retrieve World atlases published in the US
Subject begins with "atlases, French" will retrieve Atlases published in France