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Evidence-Based Practice for Social Work

This guide shows how social work researchers can take advantage of resources from the library as well as free resources to track down the best evidence

Study Design Types

From: Duke University Medical Center Library, December 2005 (last retrieved January 20, 2009)

Resources for Evidence-Based Research - Medicine & Social Work

Resources for Evidence-Based Research - Social Work



M - Methodology 

0 - Oriented

L - Locators for

E - Evidence-based

S - Searching

Search strategies will vary, depending on the database you use. In PubMed, use filters, in PsycINFO use the advanced search and select a specific methodology. The type of question you want to answer will determine the methodology you will need to try and find. Consider using this planning sheet, created by Leonard E. Gibbs for his book Evidence-based practice for the helping professions: A practical guide with integrated multimedia.