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Chem216 Synthesis and Characterization of Organic Compounds

Provides directions for obtaining physical properties and spectroscopic data of substances as well as organic reactions information from Reaxys and other resources.

Search Product(s) with Known Reactant and Reaction Type

If you know the reactant and the specific reaction type, you may use Reaxys to search for the product of this reaction and associated references. 

Eaxample: Search for reduction product of acetone. 

  1. Go to Reaxys and choose the "Reaction" search tab. 
  2. Draw the reactant(s) structures with the drawing tool. Also add an arrow on the right side of all the reactant. 
  3. Under the Reaction Data section, limite the search to "Reaction Type is  Reduction".  See the screenshot below. ReaxysProductSearch
  4. Hit "Search". You will see the reduction reactions listed in the table. ReactionResult