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Video Game Development

Selected resources designed to assist those who are interested in computer and video game design, development, and programming.

Game Design and Development Journals

These are just a few academic journals and other sources that publish articles and reports in the field of computer and video game design and development. The section below on "General Databases for Video Game Design Articles" will point you toward places to search for more related articles.

General Databases for Video Game Design Articles

These databases include links to several full text articles and journals pertaining to computer and video game design and development, including programming, graphics, sound, and other related subjects.

Recommended Search Terms for Databases


Video games

Videogames (one word)

Electronic games

Computer games


Internet games

Online games

Game Design/Programming

Computer games AND design

Video games AND design

Computer games AND programming

Computer games AND development

Video games AND development

Computer games AND graphics

Video games AND graphics

Searching in Databases

For more information on how best to search through the databases where computer and video game design and development articles are located, please see the "Finding Articles" sections of the Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering Libguides.